Our wheels are once again in motion, and you can expect some most excellent things coming your way soon from your friendly neighborhood popgressive rock band. Until then: find a record/cassette/CD/8-track in your collection that you’ve never actually given the time of day, and take it for a spin. You might be pleasantly surprised.


Hello, all. We’re proud to announce that we, the apple zed, have now proudly joined the 20th century. Find us at iTunes!


If you’re not sure what this whole album thing is about, or want a quick way to explain its excellence to your friends, this trailer should prove helpful.


Happy holidays, one and all! You (yes, you) have made it to either the apple zed‘s naughty or nice list; as such, we are jumping the gun and giving you the gift of an early release for our hotly-anticipated debut album, The Fruits Of Their Labours! Go on over to our Bandcamp page (theapplezed.bandcamp.com) to listen to/download/purchase said album in all of its resplendent glory!


Greetings, and welcome to the apple zed‘s website! To commemorate the whimsy and wonder of today’s date (12/13/14), we hereby present a playlist containing lyric videos for two selections from our upcoming The Fruits Of Their Labours (due out on 12/25/14!): “V. The Golden Apple” and “VI. Burial At Sea”! Enjoy, and stay tuned for the full album when it is released only twelve days from now.